Temporary Sponsored Parent visa – a summary

Temporary Sponsored Parent visa

Temporary Sponsored Parent visa – a summary

The new temporary sponsored parent visa will be introduced in November 2017, with 15,000 visas to be made available annually. This visa will allow the temporary stay of sponsored parents in Australia for periods of up to three or five years. The visa may be renewed from outside Australia to allow a cumulative stay of up to ten years.

Temporary sponsored parent visa holders will not be eligible to apply onshore for a permanent parent visa.

The visa holder’s sponsor, their Australian child, will have legal liability for any public health expenditure (including aged care arrangements) incurred by the visa holder in Australia. Under the new scheme, visa applicants could seek a three-year visa for Aus$5,000 or a five-year visa for Aus$10,000, with the opportunity of a single renewal for another five years at the same price.

The Department will undertake a review of this new visa at the end of the first program year.

* Existing contributory and non-contributory parent visas will remain unchanged and open to new applicants.

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