Monitoring and Compliance

Monitoring compliance

Monitoring and Compliance

Monitoring compliance of approved business sponsors

An Australian business which is an Approved Business Sponsor may be monitored by the Australian Government to ensure compliance with sponsorship undertakings. Civil penalties may be imposed in case of non-compliance.

  • Sanctions that can be imposed where a Business Sponsor fails to satisfy a sponsorship obligation include:
    • Civil penalties;
    • Cancelling the business’ approval as a Business Sponsor;
    • Barring the Business Sponsor from making any future applications for approval as a sponsor.
  • Administrative action may also be taken against the Business Sponsor where it:
    • Provides false or misleading information to the Department;
    • No longer satisfies the criteria for approval as a Business Sponsor; or
    • Contravenes a Commonwealth, State or Territory law?
  • One way to avoid inadvertently breaching an obligation is to conduct a Compliance Risk Assessment for the business and its non-citizen workforce.

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